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How to adopt an animal from the Eau Claire County Humane Association


In order to be considered for adoption, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Complete adoption application in full
  • Understand that we have the right to deny application

How to Adopt

Be sure to read the entire How to Adopt page prior to completing the application.

How to adopt.

Available Pets

Read about what to consider when choosing a cat or dog.

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Adopting a pet from the humane society will make a difference in the life of your future pet. Please fill out the form completely. You may contact us at any time if you have questions about the adoption process.

Adoption Application

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Animal Info

Adopter's Information

Household Information

List names and ages of other members of your household:

Pet History

What types of pets have you owned during the past 5 years?

Please list species, name, sex, breed, indoor/outdoor, age, neutered/spay, and if you still own the pet.

As an adult, have you ever had to give up a pet?

If yes, what did you do with the pet?

Why did you have to give the pet up?

If you no longer have the pets listed above, please explain what happened to them:

Which veterinarian do you use?

Pet Ownership Questions

If you had to move in the future what would you do with your pet(s)?

Are you looking for a declawed cat? What are your concerns with taking home a cat with claws?

How many hours per day will your new pet be alone?

Where will you new pet reside?

What are you looking for in a pet (cuddler, active, walking/running buddy, lap animal, etc.)?


The undersigned application hereby grants the Eau Claire County Humane permission to confirm information provided in this application. The information will be used for the sole purpose of adopting an animal from the Association. I understand that my application may be denied if any of the information is false. I also understand that completion of this form does not guarantee an adoption and the Eau Claire County Humane reserves the right to deny an applicant at its discretion.

Do you understand that the Eau Claire County Humane Association does not guarantee the health of its animals and that additional medical care may be necessary in the future?