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Our Mission Statement

At the Eau Claire County Humane Association we are dedicated to making this world a better place for animals to live. We strive to help homeless animals find their new, forever loving homes. We do our very best to assist every pet that comes through our doors.

Animal education is another large aspect of our mission. By teaching our community about responsible pet ownership and assisting them with the needs of their pets, we hope to decrease the number of homeless animals in our community.

The mission of the Eau Claire County Humane Association is to be a voice for all animals by providing education, resources, and support for the community, compassionate care for homeless animals until they can be placed in forever homes, and coordination with other organizations to promote animal welfare.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors helps keep everything running smoothly here at the shelter. Elected by our Association members, the Board holds regular meetings to establish policies and operational guidelines for the shelter.

Dan Kincaid

Jayne Plumer
Vice President

Tori Follett

 Dolores Wojcik 

 Kevin Klinkhammer   

    Nicolette Hanna   

Robin Knopp

Dennis Harris

Christina Thrun 



For more information on how you can become a part of the Board of Directors, click here!

Our Staff

Elise Bauer
Executive Director

Karen Rabideaux
Asst.Executive Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Liz Berg
Kennel Supervisor & Foster Coordinator

Crystal Louden
Kennel Supervisor

Sarah Hewitt
Humane Officer

Samantha Wojcik
Animal Caretaker

Kristin Sosalla
Development Coordinator

Kortney Bauer
Animal Caretaker

Abigail Anderson
Animal Caretaker

Kimberly Carter
Animal Caretaker

Tre Johnson
Animal Caretaker

Cora Eichelt
Animal Caretaker

Andrea Sorenson
Animal Caretaker

Brittany Miller
Animal Caregiver & Adoption Coordinator

Leta Rugotzke
Animal Caretaker

Emily Rabska
Animal Caretaker

JoAnne Applebaugh
Adoption Coordinator & Admin. Assist.

Victoria Ranta
Adoption Coordinator

Shelby Frey
Adoption Coordinator.




Our Story:

our commitment to helping animals.

Animals truly need the voices of their human advocates. All too often, when the interests of man and animal are in conflict, man prevails. Animal welfare is a social matter, of which, people need to learn to be passionate. The Eau Claire County Humane Association is dedicated to educating the public about the need for humane treatment of all animals and responsible pet ownership.

Community Involvement to Create Better Lives for Animals

Help make the world a better places for animals to liveWe wish to contribute to a better life for animals and to inspire awareness of and compassion for all living beings. We aspire to provide a safe haven, loving attention, nutritious food, meticulous health care, and daily exercise to each and every animal in our care, and to do our best to secure for each of the animals permanent, loving, responsible homes. We shall carefully attempt to match companion animals with caregivers to attain a quality and nurturing lifestyle for both pet and owner.

Much of our time and energy goes toward ending the specific problem of pet overpopulation. We will be active in our community educating the children in our schools, bringing the community together with fundraisers and pet-friendly events and ensuring that each pet owner has all the resources and information necessary to care for their pet.

You Can Help Save Lives

We must rely on donations from our friends and supporters who share our belief that every animal deserves the opportunity to be adopted into a loving home. Because it is difficult to run a shelter based solely on donations, our success depends on you. You CAN make a difference. Your generous support of the Humane Association will help us to feed and care for our local pets until they are adopted into a loving home.

Shelter Statistics

At the Eau Claire County Humane Association we have an open admission philosophy — we accept every animal regardless of health, age, breed, or temperament. We feel open admission is essential to providing shelter and care to the thousands of animals who otherwise have no safe refuge.

ECCHA is committed to reducing euthanasia. We believe every animal deserves an opportunity. Our goal is to serve animals throughout their lives, and our programs focus on ending homelessness and addressing the needs of animals. We strive to do the greatest good, given limited resources, to help the greatest number of animals. In balancing the welfare of the animals with our responsibility to the public, we recognize not all animals are suitable for adoption.

When the difficult decision is made to end an animal’s life, we believe compassionate euthanasia by injection is the most humane and dignified method. This difficult decision is made ONLY when all other options have been exhausted, including working with other shelters, raising funds to provide for medical care, and utilizing our network of foster homes.

Working with all groups, we’ve set our sights on a future where every animal is given a life-long home.

Our Board and staff are committed to the open admission philosophy, responsibly using our resources to help animals, and finding alternatives to euthanasia.

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