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How to adopt an animal from the Eau Claire County Humane Association

Choosing a Companion

With so many pet options available, it can be very difficult to select the right pet for your lifestyle. Before making a decision, take time to think about all the elements of each type of pet.


Large, medium, or small pet? Consider the space you have available and any restrictions
your residence might have.


Sure young animals are cute, but older pets typically mean less destructive behavior, well house trained, and a more graceful animal.


Outgoing and active or calm and self-contained? What personality disposition is best for you?

Costs of Pet Ownership

Have you really considered the cost of pet ownership? Please think carefully and decide if you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of owning and caring for a pet. Remember, having and loving a pet is not a right, but a privilege!


$24/month for a premium food such as Science Diet


$10/month for various treats


$100 - $300/year for annual vaccinations, heartworm checks, and preventative medications


$40 - $65/year




$25/grooming session


$14 - $50/night

Toys & Misc

$50 - $150/year (this can go much higher)


$50 - $150 one time cost


$120/eight week program


Actual or electronic fencing can cost hundreds or even thousands

The following items reflect the average costs of properly caring for a 40-50 lb. dog.

How to Adopt:

Preparing for your new companion

Deciding to bring a pet into your home means a major change in lifestyle. Adoption should be a thoroughly considered decision and not a spur of the moment idea, especially considering this pet will be a part of your family for as long as the next 10 to 20 years. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the "for better and for worse" aspects of adoption before making any decisions.

Tips to Adopting Your New Pet

There are a lot of things to consider before making the decision to adopt a pet — added responsibility, expenses, time commitment, and proper care, just to name a few. Before you adopt a new pet, please consider all the aspects of pet ownership and use the tips below to ensure you are truly ready.


Be a responsible pet owner. Careful research and planning are essential, since being a responsible pet owner requires more than just providing adequate food, water, and shelter. Potential pet owners should agree with these points before bringing an animal home.


Animals are not disposable! Animals are not articles of clothing to be thrown out once they are no longer in style. They are capable of bonding deeply with their families. Adopting a pet means making a life-long commitment, which can be up to 20 years.


Protect your pet's health and safety. Owning a pet costs more than the adoption fee. Remember to include basic and emergency veterinary care, toys, supplies, and food. Spaying and neutering is also essential for the animal's long-term health and happiness, while providing the animal with proper identification will ensure his or her safety.

Adoption Guidelines

In order to assure the smoothest transition and positive outcome for both the animal and the adoptive family, we have developed the following guidelines for adoptions.

View our adoption guidelines.

We ask for your current address on a photo ID (preferably driver's license), as well as your phone number. If you are a temporary resident of the Eau Claire area (such as a student), we also require your permanent address and telephone number.

If you are applying to adopt any of the following type of dogs, you must fill out the bully breed supplemental application included within the dog application form: American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Doberman, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and some others.

There is an overnight waiting period on all applications. In order to assure an animal will be going into a permanent, caring, and responsible home, you will be asked to sign a contract
agreeing to some additional guidelines.

Adoption Application Forms



Adoption Fees





Dog (over five months)


$80 + $50 deposit*

Dog (under five months)


$100 + $50 deposit*

Cat (over five months)


$40 + $50 deposit*

Cat (under five months)


$50 + $50 deposit*




Birds, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, Ferrets, and All Other Animals



*The spaying/neutering deposit is refunded after proof of the procedure is received.

Dog adoption fees include:

Treatment for internal and external parasites

Vaccination for Rabies (for most), canine Distemper, and Bordatella


Identification tags, collar, and leash

Follow-up visit at a participating veterinarian

Cat adoption fees include:

Treatment for internal and external parasites

Testing for feline Leukemia and FIV

Vaccination for feline Distemper and Rabies (for most)


Identification tags and collar*

Follow-up visit at a participating veterinarian

* If you do not bring a carrier at the time of adoption, a cardboard carrier will be provided for you for $5.