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You Can Help

Ways to help ECCHA

  Adopt a pet - See our adopt page
  Foster a pet - See our foster page for information
  Volunteer - See our volunteer page for opportunities and application
  Join a committee (committees help organize events, decide on fundraisers, etc.) - Contact our director for more information
  Join the Board of Directors
  Provide items needed on our wishlist, or visit our amazon.com wishlist registry

Benefit ECCHA while you shop online:  Use www.fundico.org, search for ECCHA and select, then shop, all amazon.com products by clicking on the big box on the left side of the screen,
or use www.smile.amazon.com  and select ECCHA on the charity selection page.

Both sites contribute a percentage to ECCHA for every purchase.

Learn about the Amazon Smile Program

  Help increase ECCHA donations by offering a matching gift challenge for an event or cause - contact our volunteer coordinator
  "Leave a Legacy" Programs - Continue the values that are important to you and help ECCHA be a voice for those who cannot speak - Contact our director
  Donate a Bed – Give the gift of comfort to a shelter dog or cat. Find out how to donate a bed.
  Stretch and Scratch – Stretch and Scratch cat scratchers provide enrichment for the cats in our shelter and are the perfect size for our cat cages. Place an order and have it shipped directly to our facility. Learn more about donating a Stretch and Scratch.

Paw Away Hunger at Festival Foods– Every dollar raised through this program is donated back to our organization through needed supplies we use every day.

Participation is simple:

Visit Festival Foods in Eau Claire.

Look for the “Paw Away Hunger” display.

Select a $5 or $10 bag from the display.

Checkout your selected bag.

Place the bag back on the display.

A unique identification number on the bag will track your “Paw Away Hunger” donation. Once a minimum has been raised, the money will be donated to the shelter to buy supplies.

  Donate used ink cartridges and cell phones – We are involved in theFundingFactory Recycling Program. Instead of throwing them away, drop off your used printer cartridges and old cell phones at ECCHA (3900 Old Town Hall Road in Eau Claire). We recycle the cartridges and cell phones through the FundingFactory to earn new technology and cash.
  Walk for a Dog – Get the App at www.WoofTrax.com and raise funds for ECCHA. When you sign up for this free app, WoofTrax.com will donate to ECCHA for every mile you walk. Hit the trails today with your own dog or volunteer at the shelter and walk one of ours.
  Lend a Paw – by joining the Fresh Step paw points program. Create an account at www.FreshStep.com, find codes on specially marked boxes of Fresh Step litter, find ECCHA in the Paw Points Cat-a-log, and donate your points. Your points will help ECCHA earn free cat products from litter to toys.
  Pop Cans for PAWS

Aluminum cans be dropped off at the shelter or directly at our partner company ProVyro Metal Recycling on 2318 Ridge Road (behind the old K-mart off Fairfax) These recycling efforts not only help our environment, but they also raise much needed funds. If you drop them off directly at ProVyro, please mention that they are for our shelter.  

RECYCLE! Aluminum can be dropped off at the shelter or directly at our partner company U-Can Recycling on 2318 Ridge Road.

Also, recycle those used ink cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics at the shelter. We send these items to Funding Factory to reuse or recycle and get paid for every item. Don’t have time to drop off the items here — become a business supporter and get the needed supplies to ship them out directly from your place of business to Funding Factory on behalf of ECCHA.

These recycling efforts not only help our environment, but they also contribute to the animals.

If you drop items off directly at UCan, please mention that they are for our shelter.


NEW! Milk Moola & Donuts to Dough from Kwik Trip:

Simply collect the caps and bag tops from specially marked Milk MoolaSM products, and for each cap and bag top we redeem, Kwik Trip, Inc. will give us 5¢. For each Glazers price oval from Glazers dozen or half-dozen boxes of Glazers Donuts, Kwik Trip, Inc. will give us 10¢. Caps and ovals can be dropped off at the shelter.


Sponsor a Pet through Petfinder: 

We have so many wonderful pets up for adoption and you can help them find their forever homes faster by being a sponsor.

Visit our website at www.eccha.org and click on adopt. Click on a pet to find out more about them. When viewing their profile, you will see a green Sponsor Me link that will take you to PetFinder Foundations donation page.
Pets that are sponsored have special signs on their kennels notifying potential adopters that they have funds towards their adoption fee or towards altering (spay or neuter).


Sponsor an Elementary Classroom to receive Kind News:

Kind News teaches K-6 children kindness and respect for animals, focusing on a child’s connection to animals and nature.
Help ECCHA reach as many classrooms as possible by sponsoring your child’s or grandchild’s classroom.
Classroom sponsorships are $30 each, and ECCHA currently supplies 12 classrooms in 5 different schools with this yearly subscription. For more information on this program visit www.humanesociety.org/kindnews 

or contact Karen Rabideaux at volunteer@eccha.org
715-839-4747 Ext. 34.


Wish List

As a non-profit organization, we always welcome
donations to the shelter.
Thanks for all your help and support!


  • KMR formula (Kitten Milk Replacement)
  • Soft cat food - Non-fish/seafood
    (canned or pouches)
  • Small plastic litter pans
  • Medium/large shoe boxes (for cat naps)
  • Cat toys
  • Cat collars (elastic or break away only)
  • Feliway products
  • Purina kitten and cat chow
  • Cat litter (clay and scoopable)
  • Stretch & Scratch (www.stretchandscratch.com)
  • Tuna fish
  • Cat/Kitten Revolution
  • Laser pointers
  • Fleece tie blankets
  • Cat Nail Trimmers


  • Large rawhides and dog chews
  • Animal bath wipes (or baby wipes)
  • Cheeze Whiz, peanut butter, and other food for Kongs chew toys
  • Kong toys (larger sizes preferred)
  • Dog collars and leashes
  • Dog grooming supplies
  • Dog puzzle toys
  • Large dog kennels
  • Dog toys
  • Hot dogs
  • clip-on (to belt) Treat training bags
  • Dog Advantix/Frontline

Rabbit & Small Animals

  • Wooden rabbit chews
  • Timothy hay
  • Rabbit toys and salt licks
  • Bird toys
  • Carefresh bedding


Office Supplies

  • Common office products
  • Post-It notes
  • Copy paper (white and colored)
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • Binder clips
  • Pens
  • Laminating sheets
  • Packing tape, Duct Tape,Scotch tape
  • Postage stamps

Cleaning Products

  • Bleach
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Surgical gloves (medium and large)
  • Facial tissues
  • Laundry soap and dish soap
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Sponges/scrub brushes
  • Dust pans
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sqeegees - Long & Short

Products & Equipment

  • Gift cards to Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Menards, or Farm & Fleet
  • Gardening tools
  • Umbrellas/rain coats
  • Small metal garbage cans with lids
  • Totes with lids
  • Working laptop computer
  • Sounds of Nature, classical, or other calming CDs
  • Used toner cartridges, etc (We send them in as recyclables & receive cash back), Used cell phones  
  • any size white plastic banquet tables
  • Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil
  • Gently used items such as pet products, blankets, towels, sheets, etc. are always welcome

We accept any gently used pet supplies and towels. We love to reduce, reuse, and recycle!